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LCD's display ghosted images from other LCD's on the same grid
The title says the issue: But the following forum bug reports are directly involved: This issue posted is per I23I7's request: This issue still occurs as of 1.184.401 Using latest NVIDIA drivers as of 10-14-17 (v387.92) My System basic specs. Intel i5-4460 Geforce 1070 GTX 16GB DDR3 Windows 8.1 pro 64bit

arcwolf shared this idea 14/10/17 17:46
mikrogen 16/10/17 12:04
Please send us the save file with buggy world to
arcwolf 17/10/17 03:13
Unfortunately it wouldn't matter which save to send because it happens in all of them new save / old save etc. and an LCD that was exhibiting the issue will be fixed by reloading the game. Then at some random time some other LCD might show this issue on another completely different grid. I've seen it on small grids, large grids, stationary and non static. Sometimes 5 or 6 LCDs on the same grid will all have the same ghost image. It fixes its self by simply looking away from the LCD. Yet other times it will persist for the entire play session. And still other times it comes and goes away multiple times in a few seconds (flicker) What I'm saying is it it a transient issue that sending a save would not result in any meaningful information. Its happened on brand new save and simply past a BP of a ship with LCD's in into. Sorry, thats all I can help with on it, although if you really want a save I can pick one at random that its happened on but I'm telling you now it wont be visible when you load in even if I save while standing in front of the LCD while its doing it. Last little note, I do not play Multiplayer. All this happens in single player survival where the game is set to not allow anyone to connect.
MeridiusIX 15/11/17 16:58
Also getting this issue. I've only tested while offline/single playter. Here is a world file that I setup with the bug: Also, here's a video of the behaviour: My system specs are: CPU: AMD FX-8150 GPU: AMD Radeon RX 480 RAM: 16GB OS: Windows 8.1 Game Version: 1.184.801
Jerrry 28/03/18 16:04
Retested on current version: 186.5 Seems to be fixed.
whisper2shade 04/05/18 16:14
whisper2shade 04/05/18 16:15
On 1.186.500 It's still not fixed.