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LCD Panel Functionality for Flight Seat, Control Stations, and Cockpits
The display textures on the flight seat and Control Station currently do nothing but show a blank screen and emit light. Allowing the screens on the flight seat and Control Station to function as an LCD Panel opens up a lot of possibilities for customization via scripts. It would be awesome to go into first person view and look down on flight seat or control station's screen and see my current speed, power status, inventory status, etc. I imagine this would work great with RDAV's fleet command as well. I also think it will save time for the KSH development team as they can let the community decide what to do with these currently blank textures.

TheNewGuy07 shared this idea 05/11/17 04:56
TheNewGuy07 06/11/17 17:17
It seems that this idea has already been stated here before. Sorry for the spam.