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Late Q1 / Early Q2 State of the Game 2018
We the players request a State of the game by Late/End Q1 or Early Q2. KSH has teased us many times with things such as wind turbines, new engines, a basic assembler, etc. But other than some teaser footage, we have heard nothing. What is the status of these items? Are they still planned, discontinued, scrapped? We the player base would just like an update on many of these items. Also, what does the roadmap for 2018 look like? How goes the development progress overall? What will the future entail as we move forward? So many questions and very little answers, it would be nice to have them addressed.

tehroommate shared this idea 28/01/18 05:22
szczepix 03/02/18 02:41
Yes, as players give feedback to you. You should give feedback to us (players, servers admins, modders etc.) about your plans or roadmap changes. :)
Procedural 28/02/18 01:37
In the absence of any publicized plan or evidence of progress, we assume there is no plan. It does not do wonders for our faith in this game's future, and a community that does not have faith in a game's future is not conducive to future sales. Just sayin'.
filcon 21/03/18 09:47
tehroommate 13/04/18 22:15
Sorry for this late comment, But thank you all at KSH. It is greatly appreciated, while yes we want more info (give us all the infos!) we do appreciate the response. Perhaps this can become a regular thin, maybe one a quarter? I know Marek loves talking about SE, so Im sure he would be up for it. Again, Thank you