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Laser Antenna Buff
So as i think we all can agree, the Laser antenna is next to downright useless. can only connect two grids, it must have line of sight. and it has a fairly pitiful range. and if a mouse stands in the general area of it's line of sight between the two grids, then they lose connection. Now the upside to all of this is that you don't broadcast your whereabouts to anyone in a 50 KM radius. and while it might seem good on paper. it really isn't. If the rage was increased Drastically (like connection between planets kinda increase) then it would be useful. it would be a special tool you could use to manage and maintain you're bases on other planets while sitting comfortable in your armchair in your main base while surrounded by 50 defensive gun turrets. it would allow for larger networks to spawn. and would give a more interesting take on where you set up, and how you set up your primary base. Satellites and relays that connect multiple bases together from multiple planets would become a reality. imagine a faction with a relay in the center of all of the planets. connecting every single base to it's network! it would be amazing! In short. the Laser antenna is underused. It needs a buff. I reccomend a massive range buff that allows it to connect bases on other planets.

Cirtex shared this idea 29/09/17 19:42