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Jump drive particles
so my concept on a more fun sorta jump drive effect :P is instead of just warping to your place in an instant also causing lagg when going there, but rather when you warp you go into a sorta wormhole sorta thing or the common thing all the movies do. this way when your travelling areas can be loaded and depending on how long the jump is it will take longer to get there like a 600km jump will take 15seconds...ect.

ronin shared this idea 09/09/17 04:38
Korvatus 11/09/17 06:33
That's similar to my jump point/jumpgate idea. Allow the game to be broken into smaller zones of let's say 100,000km x 100,000km x 100,000km which would be enough space to do allot but not infinite space. Sadly programming and game logic tore my idea apart.
ronin 11/09/17 23:12
yah :D i mean its better for the game too
ronin 29/10/17 13:09
hmmm il make a new disscution on this