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Jump Drive: Non-Seated Characters inside of Ship Bounding-Box / Bounding-Ellipisoid included in jump.
This goes all the way back to a Pull-Request on the GitHub repo back when the game code was released there. Someone created a pull-request that made it so that when the Jump Drive triggers, the volume of the ship is considered, and all characters and small-block grids that are completely enclosed by the bounding volume are included in the jump. This fix is obvious- Nowhere in science fiction is there a trope where the poor red shirt dies in the vacuum of space because he didn't sit down in a seat before the jump drive triggered. It makes no sense that the ship can jump itself and all the enclosed atmosphere but leave the guy who was floating in the hallway. Pros and Cons List: + Obviously fixes how the Jump Drive ought to work. No more leaving friends behind because they didn't sit down in time. + Potential to revisit how the Jump Drive Distance equation works: Should distance be only determined by mass alone as it currently is calculated, or shall we now also include a volume term? Would a distance bonus for small-volume ship designs be welcome? - Issues for the game coders to resolve: -- The distance equation is currently driven by parent ship mass (and all attached sub-grids). The mass now can change arbitrarily for each moment a player or grid can be considered either inside or outside of the bounding volume. -- If we rework the distance equation to include the bounding volume of the parent ship, this must be accounted for as well, as it is also a dynamic property of the parent ship. -- Should bounding volume for jump inclusion be the bounding box (I believe the term is AABB, for Axis-Aligned Bounding Box) or minimal-volume ellipsoid that encloses the parent ship? - Shame-less stealing of rival's ships by scraping by them and initiating a jump. But honestly, this attack is doable with Landing Gear anyway, and should be a fair attack vector. - May already be considered a "Feature". Some players may be used to or make use of the ability to not be pulled along with the jumping ship, such as setting the jump and then getting out of cockpit to allow ship to de-materialize around player character. Granted, I've gotten used to this myself, but I usually pretend I have to "clear myself of the jump warp field volume" anyway.

AceNepets shared this idea 05/09/17 18:21
Pharap 14/09/17 22:04
For what it's worth, I actually wrote a mod to do this. I haven't published it because it's only half finished and does some other things that I suspect wouldn't be appreciated (like making jumps scriptable and removing that annoying 'confirm jump' dialogue).