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Jump drive controlled by block action
In several twitch streams Rexar pointed out that they don't want to make jump drive controllable via block action (aka through the use of timer blocks, programmable blocks, ect because they fear it would alter the game play mechanics. I think this would only enhance the creativity of designs. For instance you could use a combination of timer blocks in conjunction with sounds blocks to do a audio count down before the jump is initiated to alert all crew members to report to jump stations (i.e. seats). Or you could use timer blocks and lights to start a lighting effect on our in the ship to create your own jump effect (i.e. cascading lights rippling down your engines). You could also use a remote control block it programmable block to trigger the jump sequence at a certain coordinate for automatic jumping. I hope this post will encourage the development team to reconsider their stance on this subject.

Korvatus shared this idea 28/09/17 15:59
HighGround 01/10/17 20:55
If players were permitted to remotely activate the Jump Drive via Block Action (sensor, timer, programing block, etc....) this would allow a form of offline base defense on PvP servers. For example I'd place a sensor on my base that would Jump the Ship if any enemy player got onboard. Unless the enemy has a medical room, or a seat on my ship they aren't going to be able hitch a ride. Also this opens the possibility of creating a whole new class a PMW (Player Made Weapon). A large grid torpedo with a jump drive could be fired at an enemy, latch onto the hull via landing gear and be jumped outside the map, effectively taking it out. It would be an expensive torpedo but well worth the price!
Astronomical 01/10/17 21:51
I agree this is a good idea I don't know why the devs are against this. You could have an automated ferry jumping between two places that would dock for a time at each destination on a regular schedule. That would be fun to build. Also I'd really like to be able to activate a blind jump via a button panel just so I could name the button "ludicrous speed." :)
Sagi 01/10/17 22:06
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Korvatus 01/10/17 22:20
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