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It's time for SE to graduate from the Sandbox mode. Please add reasons for us to explore space and planets. Add generated bases/temples/derelict ships/etc.
How many times have you build the ship/base in Survival only to stop playing minutes later? Yeah. Same issue for all Early Access Sandbox games. I think SE is better than that. I think SE deserves better than that. What we need is reasons to use our creations besides smashing them into a nearest asteroid and then quit the game shortly after. We think game will grow exponentially as a product and experience if/when you add: - Procedurally generated NPC bases. - Derelict ships drifting in space/crashed on planets with rare resources in them. - Ancient temples/strustures to explore with new dangerous enemies (even if they are just reskinned spiders at first). - Some resemblance of lore - stories that can be read (maybe on LCDs/Prog Blocks) as you explore the bases/ships you've found. - Factions - not all ships should be hostile, some should be trade ships or neutral bases. Faction system is already in the game, shouldn't be hard to generate NPC factions. - Let planets generate automatically like asteroids. Give them a chance to be unique, with structures, or huge craters, or rich in a particular mineral. Please make exploration a thing in the game. Many of us are running out of ideas to create our own stories in an empty sandbox. The feeling of not knowing what you can find on a planet or out in the open space cannot be underestimated.

DarkDvr shared this idea 17/08/17 20:42
Celivalg 18/08/17 01:07
Yeah we need reasons to play survival, to exlore, even if this need some change in the game engine, It needs it... Look at the Escape from Mars mod, this is the first mod that gave me hope for survival, his author did a really great job! Please Show survival some love
Guilhelm 18/08/17 01:50
I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Building a base and a large ship is all well and good, but after you have completed those objectives, what else is there to do in the game? Not really much if you play solo. Adding more things to do with your ships such as answering distress beacons, finding mining colonies, taking sides in space battles, etc. would do WONDERS to expanding the life of the game. I love the idea of adding NPC factions that are traders, but you would need to introduce some sort of currency into the game other than Uranium Ingots (EEM). I would love to have the opportunity to build a ship, travel to a trade station, and make money by trading goods. It would put more emphasis on constructing good ships that can travel from station to station and would give the pirate factions more of a role to play by trying to steal your cargo instead of just trying to kill you and ram Cerberus Destroyers into asteroids trying to get to you. I am all for something like this. Adding the cargo pods with skins I think is a step in this sort of direction, but its still in its infancy stages in my opinion.
RkyMtnDude 19/08/17 20:09
DarkDvr 19/08/17 20:53
Wow... why did all the formatting disappear? =(
JuStX2 20/08/17 08:25
You guys do realize there is a checkbox for "Random Encounters" on the Advanced Settings Page of New Game Creation Right? A lot of this stuff is already in-game.
JuStX2 20/08/17 08:30
The real problem is finding this stuff - without a radar mod to tell you precisely where it is or cheating through SM - you really have a hard time tracking these objects from Random Encounters Down....
DarkDvr 20/08/17 12:07
@JuStX2 with over a thousand hours in SE, I found one dull wreck in space. That's all. It had no special interesting items or resources or stories to tell me. While it's nice to have it, it's so barebones, it's definitely not something I'd call "rewarding exploration".
Krienas 20/08/17 15:14
I totally agree with OP, except "It's time" bit. I really want those things to be present in game at some point, but game worlds already struggle with our own creations, imagine tons of random stuff spawning. Engine is not ready yet for that, it has quite some issues with scaling. I am super happy about attention Keen is giving to stability and performance issues, but there is still quite a journey to make. Move of focus to adding content right now would be distraction and overkill. With current state of affairs even after all optimizations done I believe that most of players will keep that content switched off.
FiveK 21/08/17 03:59
I think it would be great if (in the far future) the player base could create the structures and submit them to keen and then those structures would spawn in groups on planets to create a unique city.
Spets 22/08/17 23:37
They should add something extra to encourage players to go there and explore. I notice that with the recent addition of loot crate for skins, people actually want to catch them, because that little reward. So, what about adding something similar to the existing Cargo Ships and Random Encounters that nobody really cares to catch as it is now, because nobody cares about the cargo they have?
Itchydani3l 30/08/17 13:23
I think we found someone who bought No Man's Sky.
Syncaidius1 30/08/17 15:05
Having played with Exploration Enhancement Mod (EEM) for some time now, I can honestly say SE feels extremely empty without it. A good place to start on this subject would be taking EEM, integrating it into the base game and polishing it up a bit. It would make an extremely good foundation to build on for everything the OP lists.
mastice 30/08/17 16:08
I'm in agreement. I won't mention the name of the 'other' game that is similar to this one but I will make a point to point out that this game lacks depth like the OP pointed out compared to other similar titles. While it is fun to build our ships/machines we NEED reasons to USE our ships/machines we build. The reasons that we have now (ie: mining, drone defense) is extremely limited and narrow in scope.
xAliance 31/08/17 01:45
There definetly needs to be some more "interaction" in some way... "- Derelict ships drifting in space/crashed on planets with rare resources in them." One could find some non-craftable items or blueprints from a species, whose technology is far more advanced (it would make them extremly rare)
XeroCreator 06/09/17 08:34
+3 because I literally talk about this constantly and I am involved in multiple discussions about this specific thing.
Pharap 14/09/17 22:14
Personally I'm hoping for semi-intelligent humanoid or alien NPCs. Spiders and wolves don't pose much of a challenge, and Keen's sister company is suposed to be all about 'good AI' so it seems a shame that we don't have some truly challenging humanoid NPCs to contend with. Even if the reason for needing to explore was to build fancy decorative blocks I'd run with that. At the moment I have a survival world with a functional base and I don't feel the need to explore because the base is effectively self sufficient, but I'd happily go out into space to hunt for super-rare minerals to build some cool space monument or make a really cool mess hall/living quarters. Or perhaps now we have a 'mysterious signal' functionality, there could be something like cargo drops that hold alien intel, and some asteroids could have alien monoliths that we have to research to find out more about the aliens, that would give a means to get some lore into the game. There's no major rush to get it in, but I'd like at least some of these ideas to be on the table.
ICEBURG 15/09/17 02:56
After getting off of a planet and finially building a ship to move around space I always get bored because there isn't anything to do in survival. I wish at least there were NPC factions I could start wars with or some type of goal.
TheRealTurok 15/09/17 04:20
One of the suggestion features I made was for hidden pockets within asteroids. These geode like spaces inside asteroids would certainly boost exploration! Please vote!
DeathOnAStick 15/09/17 05:00
I like many of these ideas but we need to keep the scope of the game in mind, engineering, construction, exploration, and survival. I like the idea of other ships and factions available to fight but I think that the primary scope of the game isn't to do with battle. they can have other uses and purpose. for example, a ship in need of repairs, or a planet population that needs a mining solution to reach deep depths. solutions to problems that require engineering solutions. exploration can be brought into that as well, such as building a ship to house 10000 civilians to a distant solar system.. the ideas are endless, but where do we go from here? we need those missions to keep us going
mastice 15/09/17 05:25
I just wanted to jump back in on this one because this has been one of my biggest pet peeves about SE for a long time so I'm glad someone has finally brought it up in the suggestions. (I'm glad it's getting noticed also) I'm in agreement with what DeathOnAStick recently stated that KSWH shouldn't lose focus from the "engineering, construction, exploration, and survival" aspect of the game while doing this. While I do like the combat aspect of the game I really enjoy the survival and engineering role of the game more, after all the game is called "Space Engineers". I think the fleshing out of the game should focus more on engineering, on using our constructed machines, and/or solving problems using engineering instead of raw FPS combat. Just my two cents on the matter.
ffwrude 15/09/17 10:01
I think there is a mod that tried to do that and should be looked at. It's "EEM" Exploration Enhancement mod. SE lacks goals. I think there should be more Npcs, factions etc.... You should get attacked, or see other npc fights
signature 15/09/17 13:37
OMG yes i love survival mode but after building it gets lonely and boring + non of my friends have bought the game yet :
kertlund 15/09/17 15:00
Empyrion has quite good ai and POIs.
vadersson 15/09/17 17:58
OMG would I love having places to explore. It is fun going around and finding resources, and the new Unknown Signal drops add to that too. But finding Derelict craft to rebuild or strange alien artifacts. These would all be awesome.
mastice 15/09/17 21:40
Oops, someone said the "E" word. ;) In all seriousness, I'm a big fan of both these games (SE and Empyrion), I've got 400+ hours on both now. I don't want to see SE go the same route, per say, as Empyrion. I just wish there was more to do in SE survival. The unknown signals are a step in the right direction. I just hope they move this topic from "considered" to "planned" here soon that's why I keep coming back to bug on it.
mnybon 15/09/17 23:48
Ohh yes please get working on this. I can't count how many times i have booted up this game, only to realize a few hours later that "meh, there is nothing to actually work towards". From a singleplayer perspective, once you have mastered landing and taking off from a planet, the only thing you have left to do in this game is build increasingly pretty stuff. From a multiplayer perspective, it would be nice to work towards something with your friends, other than "Who can build the prettiest lander"
xiojade 17/09/17 17:30
I agree. my DS started with 7 people, and now it's down to 3 with the excuses that "I don't know what to do" "there doesnt seem to be any point in it". Honestly, in a sandbox, I think the point is to make your own reasons for playing - and I'm surprised at hearing this from roleplayers of all people, those that are used to coming up with their own reasoning and narrative in another sandbox, but I agree it is offputting to some people that there's no established reason to do things, nothing to really drive and motivate some people because they see no goal. I'm sure there's something that could be worked on :)
Krienas 20/09/17 10:41
@xiojade I guess game master is missing for those roleplayers :)
BadgerBadger 25/09/17 09:47
What surprises me most is that KSH created a sister company "Good AI" that is focused on AI development but with highly skilled AI resources in the same office how come SE is so lacking with AI.
andreykl 25/09/17 10:01
>with highly skilled AI resources in the same office how come SE is so lacking with AI That's actually expected. Due to a ton of reasons, for example: As I understand it, most AI developments are centered around neural networks and the like. In such case you will have to 'teach' the AI how to play SE, but game is changing all the time, so reteaching AI again and again isn't worth it at the moment. At this point implementing smart NPC is probably low at priority list for same reasons - you will have to tweak those again and again with each new feature. It will be much faster to do everything NPC related in bulk once core features are ready.
Pharap 25/09/17 12:01
@andreykl It depends. Generally the movement and weapon code doesn't change all that much, and most of the more recent developments wouldn't have altered how an AI reacts to the player (the AI doesn't care that your parachute is open or you have a half block on your ship). I suspect the larger problem (assuming they're definitely using neural nets - despite the popularity of the idea, that's not the only way to do AI) is the performance and memory cost of a neural net, or perhaps the complexity of a neural-net approach. Neural nets aren't usually used for video games for a good reason, it's much cheaper, easier and better for player experience to use a simpler approach (e.g a behaviour tree) instead.
Narcospy 27/09/17 16:28
After up voting profusely, I spent a few minutes ranting about how ridiculous it is that after many years of development Keen "Considered" to add a feature that any other game would treat as its first and primary concern. Giving players something to do should be Keen's top most priority. Without any direction, SE is just a 3D, space themed version of MS Paint. You can make some pretty things but that's about it. Before I really start ranting agian, let me just say this: Please Keen, put some game in your game.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:48
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
DarkDvr 01/10/17 16:25
@duncandisorder Did you just comment here to advertise your idea? Wow. Anyway, there is a mod that adds furniture. This idea has nothing to do with that.
Udrakan 01/10/17 22:46
I agree that after constructing my bases and ships, I would appreciate some adventures with them, however I don't want them mandatory to progress.
steelphantom67 04/10/17 06:20
cool idea I'm more of a creative man myself building multi kilometer long ships but a reson to use them would be nice.
UmbraTherios 05/10/17 19:45
This exactly what I have been asking for, for months. The current random encounters, raids, npc's, drones and whatnots are EXTREMELY rare to the point of them not existing (I do have all those things activated in my settings at ALL times.) The ships I build currently have absolutely no purpose because there is nothing going on in the game, but if this was implemented I would honestly LOVE to play this game. +3
Cirtex 26/10/17 18:39
I made a large paragraph detailing ideas for a more hardcore survival experience. that could also aid the reason for survival to come out of its shell to provide a challage
Lukow 29/10/17 08:32
Yeah this is very good idea I always build large ship after that I destroy some enemies and than I start new game because there is nothing to do, but I would add some new resources on alien planets too, because now there is no reason to go to mars or alien planet or even to earth or their moons because everything can be found in space and in space you donĀ“t have to fight with gravity fields
FlassMaximus 04/01/18 06:56
bringing the universe to life around the player in a more solid way then the current npc framework would be a big plus for endgame. lots of factions, all with different ships, tactics and goals, some fight each other, some want peace, some want allies etc. big space battles that the player had no role in instigating between npc factions, just able to exploit and play with bases on planets and asteroids that are in the process of DOING something, and will progress in their goal if left undisturbed, mining, processing, manufacture, communications, defense, transport and storage etc.
Mrjinx453 05/01/18 05:32
Fully agreeed. - There are modders who have Done this... Take the EEM for EG. everything including trading with money. if a modder can do it, im sure that it would be easyer to get in the base game. and 99% of modders would be glad that you used there mod. **i would also note there are things like the NPC cleanup scripts and planety cargo ships and randoms bases also done as mods.** the cleanup being configuable. so its only gonna be needing a slider in the advance options. ** failing that.. Why dont you offer to add "base mods" so build in mods that you dont have to sub too.. controled by Keen.. could be switched on n off without loading mods from the workshop.
RegEd 30/01/18 11:54
Like the other comments, I fully agree with this point. As a dedicated server operator for a group of friends, I find myself constantly having to invent situations and scenarios to keep people playing. Example, we played quite heavily last Christmas for about 2 months until people started to get bored of the fact that they were simply building spaceship after spaceship with no real purpose. It was only when I devised and built a scenario (marooned on a planet, escape first to moon and then back to original base) almost a year later that interest was rekindled and my players returned. It's been a lot of fun playing this scenario and has given us new purpose (for now) but to be quite honest, it's a lot of work to set these scenarios up and maintain them, and it kinda spoils the fun for me becuase I know where every crashed ship, resource crate and pirate base is. Plus the in game tools for voxel deformation are extremely annoying to use (I had to write off two full day's work of painstaking voxel alteration because I didn't do any work on it for two weeks and when I came back, the area had been totally destroyed by meteors). Anyway, please add this to the game before I personally get fed up of having to hand craft scenarios for my players and my server dies again.
Azirahael 06/02/18 01:30
Also some form of better gating regarding resources. Like, we have platinum on asteroids only. And that limits elite tools and ion thrusters and some other high end stuff. We need another layer. Stuff that we need that can only be found on super hazardous planets, or inside pirate bases. something like that. That gives us organic advancement, without additional artificial limits.And this stuff is used to craft Component X which is used in high end stuff like Jump drives, Ultra tools, the best weapons and so on. And if the default scenario was built with this in mind, and with say, a big battlestation guarding the exit from the system, then you could sandbox to your heart's content, fighting if you want, and building up to take on the big BattleStation to finish the level. It would also act as a template for even more involved scenarios.
Azirahael 08/02/18 22:59
So, after grilling Xocliw as much as possible on chat, he was able to say that yes, BIG things are coming to Survival, loads of new 'stuff' and 'things' but was restrained by NDA from telling anyone what it was. Now, this nails down... nothing really. but we can infer that if they were not going to do anything major, they would not be doing all this secret crap. so while we cannot say 'Yes KSH are going to do it like this' we can say they are going to do some damned thing. Which is better than nothing i guess.
mastice 08/02/18 23:05
Let's hope they do @Azirahael. I've pretty much shelved this, and Medieval Engineers, months ago because there is, literally, no game to the game outside of what has already been stated above. That and every update they put out seems to break something new but that's a topic for another time. Regardless though, until they do something more with survival, I'm out of these games and don't even recommend them to my friends anymore. Both games (SE/ME) great ideas = poor executions IMHO.
DarkDvr 09/02/18 00:32
Well, as stated by Marek, game per design was basically Lego in space, hence the generic name of the game itself. No actual goals were planned in original game vision, so we can't blame them for that. What we can do though is tell them that we actually want goals now and we want survival to feel as a actual game that has end-states and progress. Mind you, I don't think they HAVE to listen to us, they can say it's "out of scope" for their vision of the game. But, we can all ask nicely and maybe we will get what we want :)
ReDhorde 09/02/18 00:51
If it was about lego in space the game would be called "lego in space". "engineers" in the title suggests obstacles to overcome and goals to reach. And there is none of that at the moment. I still like space engineers very much, but all my friends gave up after a week of playing and I'd really like to give them a reason to come back and stay for longer :/
mastice 09/02/18 00:54
@DarkDvr; true. But even an open sandbox "Lego's in space" should have, at the very least, easy to us basic scenario editing tools embedded into the game, not as standalone software. It should also include more than a couple dozen block shapes and/or items to play with. It should have hundreds of block shapes, including eye candy, and all manner of fluff pieces to fill our worlds. So in that respect alone, the game is limited in scope as well. Either way you cut it, SE/ME are both grand ideas that are extremely limited in scope and poorly fleshed out. Look, I ONLY dog on KSWH because I see what these games can be. I actually LOVE these games very much and I have hundreds upon hundreds of hours invested into each one. I just think it can be more. But that's just my opinion.
DarkDvr 09/02/18 01:11
I mean you don't have to convince me, I'm the one who posted this idea, I just want to keep it civil here and not "demand" it, but rather explain to KSH why we think it would be awesome :)
Melfick 09/02/18 01:30
This, my friends, is the beautiful civil side of the internet. As a future game developper myself, I can tell you that the concept everyone seems to explain is one of the three cores of any game, which is the flow. It is the idea that the game should remains an equal challenge for the player throughout his gameplay considering that the player will get better at the game: that each successing tasks should be a little harder than the previous one to keep the player motivated and rewarded for completion. SE has that for the first hours of gameplay: find ressources, understand ship building, build something to go to space to get platinum. That flow is very good (in my opinion). But from there, goals are vague. I have no reason to go to the moon of mars other than to explore it. So to anyone listening out there, wether KSH or other, I hope it helped you. I was struggling to describe the concept before I had my class and it oppened my eyes so much on why games are good or not that I feep the need to share. Thank you again for the wonderful community guys!
Hunterakagman 09/02/18 02:19
Because this game is a sandbox, My mindset when it comes to this game is that you set the goals. You think of a problem and you try to solve it. One possible goal is to make a solid foundation to make traveling between the planets and other things easier or to control them from afar. Another is to make impressive machines that can do amazing things. My point is that I don't want Space Engineers to have artificial limitations in the game (which mainly applies to the tech tree idea) or adding too many things. From what I have read on the main post is that I do like most if not all the things here.
mastice 09/02/18 02:29
I don't want to see "artificial limitations" either, per say. But I think more can be added along the same thought process as this idea above while keeping in the same spirit of the current game setup. For instance; we already have the ability to toggle ON/OFF things such as spiders, wolves, air tightness, drones, etc, etc, etc or to switch between creative and survival. The new content, if any is added, to enhance survival should definitely be optional, or player chosen, in this sense so that those players who still enjoy the blank slate open sandbox approach to the game can still play the game as they enjoy it. I certainly don't think it should be "forced" upon the community but it should definitely be there as an option for those who want it.
steelphantom67 06/04/18 16:41
honestly I can live without ladders but this... this needs to happen
Anubis 21/05/18 06:56
I'd love this "Some resemblance of lore - stories that can be read (maybe on LCDs/Prog Blocks) as you explore the bases/ships you've found" maybe explain why earth is soley inhabited by pirates and why organic wolves love to eat batteries?(honestly cyberhounds made much better sense). lore and a reason to explore would be a great addition to game rather than than sit at easy basewondering what to do after you take down the pirate headquarters.
Doomedperson 17/07/18 20:38
+3 Definitely needed. Survival needs a reason to explore. At least have a design contest for NPC bases/ships if the devs are out of ideas. Needs factions/plot and possibly something like blueprints for parts, which could be only found in NPC bases. There are so many good ideas for survival, if none of these are implemented the game will end up solely multiplayer and eventually dead.