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Ion Thruster Buff
Ion thrusters feel very weak and you usually have to have a wall of thrusters to get some decent acceleration and stopping force. I highly recommend buffing the ion thrusters to make ships a lot more maneuverable and reliable in survival and it would make space dogfights more interesting since you wouldn't have to wait for your ship to stop drifting before re-engaging the enemy

Venom415 shared this idea 17/08/17 23:11
CDRTasun 18/08/17 09:12
Hydrogen Thrusters are the 'powerful' thrusters now. Smaller Hydrogen tanks are where it should be. Did you know that Ion Thrusters really, really aren't meant to be? They're the slowest thrusters in reality - Most efficient, but really, really slow.
Cheetah 18/08/17 09:22
Well, you can always mod it yourself and upload it to Workshop to enjoy with your friends. Speaking of Hydrogen thrusters, on smallships they suffer from several major drawbacks: a complete hydrogen fit may weigh 80% than an ion version of the same ship because of heavy conveyoring, and the hydrogen tanks have too little capacity for their size.
Venom415 18/08/17 18:18
but Tasun hydrogen was never meant to be a main source of thrust, they were meant for short time use only like booster rockets, making ships reliant on hydrogen adds un-needed weight like Cheetah said.
nyankiki 19/08/17 15:08
ion thrusters are more like simple light bulbs with tin foil, yes that provides lift but nearly none and its not even enough, maybe renaming them to light thrusters would make more sense? ion thrusters require gas to be used, in case of current engines we only use energy...
admiralpeck 30/08/17 02:22
ever since the last thrust balance i've felt like the power difference between large ions and small ions is far too great
Venom415 30/08/17 23:25
Also on top of Ions being buffed, It has come to My attention that a ship I made a year ago using atmospheric thrusters, can no longer support itself with two full medium containters... when it used to be able to lift a tank and cargo with ease. Keen never mentioned this nerf on atmo thrusters and they need to stop nerfing things that don't need to be nerfed, its getting out of hand!
jandraelune 05/09/17 23:08
Yes, a wall of thrusters is a problem. Even more for Retro thrust on large ships or utility ships...not EVERY ship can or should flip around to slow down.
Kikassou 18/09/17 11:32
Ion engines are already thousands of times more powerful than the highest thrust ion engines in reality. I use them exactly the same way though, point to the target do a long burn up to speed and a long burn to decelerate after coasting most of the way. You don't need many engines to do this, like one large every 3.6 million kg still gives 1m/s^2. Ideally you should match speeds for combat anyway, jousting runs are just asking for a collision and don't let you get off many shots. This is particularly true against cargo ships that don't manoeuvre and let you easily pick off turrets.
Venom415 18/09/17 21:45
I really dislike the whole "they're much slower in reality" excuse, I'm sorry but A. its just a game not real life, and B. this game has dogs with metal components in their belly, gravity generators and jump drives, all being pretty unrealistic. I don't see any issue with increasing the ions performance (in space) considering in the games lore places it in the future, it would help people to not crash into planets or asteroids and help creators to create amazing ships that don't EITHER perform well or look well.
AutoMcD 19/09/17 19:17
I disagree with this. I feel that the proper place for them is weaker than hydrogens, where if you need that performance it will cost you some fuel. The large/small relationship could be balanced out better, but I don't have the problem with the idea that a supersize thruster gains a volumetric type advantage. I also disagree with people who are having a problem with the ship visually when adding brakes because this is part of designing ships in SE. Most sci-fi ships are built like a rocket, all forwards thrust and no brakes. This is a terrible ship strategy for SE, and finding a ship arrangement that includes retrograde thrust which doesn't look like an afterthought is part of the skill you learn in making a "good" ship.
Venom415 18/10/17 03:47
well scientists have just broke some records for how much force an ion thruster pushes... ion buff confirmed? XD
davesoft 08/01/18 02:31
They are intentionally weak. Hydrogen works well though.
mikrogen 30/03/18 13:12
This is by design.