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Inventory Management
Please add more advanced control over inventories, such as: 1) Whitelist/Blacklist for Refineries, Arc Furnaces and Cargo Containers, so that you don't have to resort to a mess of sorters only to not let refineries pull stone or to designate a exclusive uranium refinery or component cargo container, etc. 2) Pull all or Collect all settings for refineries arc furnaces and cargo containers. 3) Sliders to set how much a inventory can get filled by the automatic pull/push system, this includes Hydrogen/Oxygen tanks for gases, so I can set the maximum % a inventory gets filled before denying push/pull requests. Manual transfer would be unaffected by this setting. 4) Sliders to set the minimum amount of cargo that the block starts creating pull requests, reactors and turrets included, so that I can set a reactor to only pull uranium ingots when it gets under 30 ingots for example.

Legas shared this idea 10/09/17 16:38
Charger 05/10/17 15:52
I support this idea. It would be nice to have more control on how items moved around.