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Inventory Item Sorter
I get tired of satisfying my OCD sorting within cargo containers (or any inventory). There should be an auto combine stack function as well as a sort by type/alphabetical/weight function.

spinney shared this idea 27/09/17 06:49
Tarax 27/09/17 15:12
Yea, this is indeed one of the more annoying parts of the game atm. takes ages to move things around in general. p.s. The scroll function seems to be locked to the left inventory screen, making things a bit more annoying.
Absolarix 28/09/17 07:02
Look up "Taleden's Inventory Manager" It's a script you run on programmable blocks, no mods required.
spinney 28/09/17 07:17
Thanks Absolarix! I will do that! It would be nice if they would put it in vanilla SE though ;)