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Inventory desync
On Multiplayer Server the inventory will sometimes not show up correctly until you press F5 to reconnect. This is a very common occurrence on our server. Reports from other players say it happens on a 100% vanilla server, although our server has an inventory script running (just reporting information not moving anything).

deranjer shared this idea 18/08/17 03:40 18/08/17 12:07
We will investigate this issue, thank you for the report
Zoratan 18/08/17 13:39
+3, this is imo the most annoying bug ingame. having to relog every 5 minutes just to see components you built recently is no fun..
piratep2r 25/08/17 21:06
This is a serious and chronic problem on every server I have played on. Mods do seem to make it worse, but it absolutely persists in vanilla. Seems to be tied to number of working blocks and people interacting with the system, but that is just an amateur guess on my part.
ParGellen 25/08/17 21:25
Worst bug in the game in my opinion. Makes me not want to even play.
ichiyo77 27/08/17 00:13
It appears on a big base as piratep2r says. More working blocks you have, more inventory bugs appears... but only the items, volume always working. 27/08/17 12:52
We have found a stable reproduction steps. It will be fixed and released soon.
ichiyo77 30/08/17 20:42
Hello keenswh, You have completed this Issue. Which version of the game have this hotfix ?
Dessent 31/08/17 15:44
I'm also curious as to what game version the fix was in. The status was changed to complete but I'm still in 1.183.103 and my inventory on dedicated servers is still broken.
ParGellen 31/08/17 15:56
Hopefully in the next patch.
ichiyo77 31/08/17 19:56
Ok thanks for the info. I'm suggest to complete a feedback when it has been deployed or at least provide the version where the patch is :) It has been the case for 'parts breaking' issue