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Interplanetary Nebulas
So interplanetary nebulas aren't a real thing, since real nebulas are way bigger than that, but I think having big (bigger than planets) colorful clouds would still be awesome. They could serve purposes such as: - prettying up the place (because colorful clouds in space are nice) - environmental hazards (limited scanner range, limited visual range, "acid" damage to the hull or "ion" damage to the systems, disabling of ion thrusters, gas explosions when firing weapons) - atmospherics through sound (hearing the ion storm rage when inside the ship) and nice particle effects when inside - information about far away ressource locations. don't need to render asteroids, just a single relatively low poly cloud - in tandem with environmental hazards, there could be rewards for exploring/harvesting in dangerous zones (higher ore density/derilict ships/emergency beacons)

MalkContent shared this idea 20/09/17 08:40
NikolasMarch 14/12/17 17:11
um NO lol