Space Engineers Feedback

Initial Game Launch is increasingly slow
I've noticed since the last major update (the parachute update) that it is taking almost 5 minutes for my game to launch. During this processes I get a nasty buzzing sound and the steam overlay seems to freeze. Just reporting this incase anyone else is having a similar issue. Granted my PC is becoming more and more out of date, but I haven't had this kind of issue with Space Engineers or other games until this last major update.

Korvatus shared this idea 24/08/17 19:42
DevonV 27/08/17 18:17
I've not noticed any slowdown, if anything performance has increased, but I can confirm the strange buzzing sound. It lasts about one second for me, but it sounds like just a bunch of garbage data being sent to the sound mixer.
TheTeaKettle 06/09/17 14:17
I have not had slowdowns but I can confirm that after my game has loaded into main menu it will play all the block sounds for a second or two. Same thing happens after a world is loaded.
CarlenWhite 29/09/17 06:58
I haven't noticed any weirdness regarding buzzing or anything slow. Consider validating your files just to make sure nothing got corrupted like I had when my game kept crashing.
terribleperson 22/11/17 04:22
I haven't had any issues, but at least for me initial game launch is on the bottom of my priority list. I would happily double or triple or even 10x my game launch time for better performance or a bunch of extra content.