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Ingame Scripting API is extremely incomplete!
The Scripting API found here: is so incomplete, that it doesn't even allow me to find out how to open or close a door ... not mention that according to the Documentation we don't have AirVents, GasTanks, OxygenGenerators, ... (could go on for pages with this list). The "Documentation" also doesn't give any information about most Blocks ... can we get the old Documentation.chm back pls?! At least all methods, fields and classes were included there ...

pingger shared this idea 11/09/17 12:13
posthy 11/09/17 18:43
I'd give this +3, but I'm out of voting points
Karthaan 19/09/17 13:59
There are several docs out there: These give you some good starting info, and the common terminal actions (e.g. for opening doors) And the official git repo gives you any ingame scripting interface, just search for the filenames, e.g. IMyOxygenGenerator*
pingger 19/09/17 14:09
API_List is incomplete and outdated, Action_List also incomplete and outdated, And the GitHub repository contains the SourceCode but is not the Documentation, also it is outdated. The Interface IMyDoor for example still only holds the "open" bool but this is deprecated, one should use the IMyDoor.Status attribute which also would give more specific information compared to the bool. And using Actions instead of Methods to open/close a door is the worst idea one could have, since it much slower runtime wise. (the action takes about 10 times to 1000 times the time the method takes and no this is not a typo) So the only thing your comment did was making me demand a proper Documentation.
Pharap 10/10/17 21:31
This isn't a complaint about the scripting API, this is a complaint about the documentation since the documentation is outdated and incorrect. Even the official github repo is out of date. To examine the API properly you must either use Visual Studio, ILDasm or ILSpy.
pingger 10/10/17 21:40
Ok, you're correct, the title is misleading, since I wanted to point out, that the Documentation is incomplete. BUT the API itsself is also very incomplete as can be seen here: And regarding ILDasm and ILSpy: It against the License to decompile the binaries! Regarding VisualStudio: I'm using VisualStudio and most of the Methods lack required the Documentation. And VisualStudio is bloated. I don't enjoy using VisualStudio, but I'm too lazy to properly connect the API to my favorite IDE) And I also made GitHub Issue regarding the not updated Repository. (Got an answer fairly quick, but didn't resolve the issue. I would have looked at the previos issues regarding this topic, but these were somehow hidden from me.)