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Indoors clothes interchangeable with the now omnipresent space suit
At present our character is wearing his space suit all the time. Only difference is a visor on the helmet being open or closed. That is awkward. Real astronauts will wear their space suits only when exposed to hostile environment and when a breathing machine is essential, that is, while being outside of pressurized, heated, nicely conditioned interiors of their ships or stations. It's also okay to wear space suit when piloting a small vessel so your survival chances increase once your fighter is destroyed and you get out of your cabin (and hope to get rescued in time). Now my idea is about wearing uniforms or civilian clothes when moving around indoors. At first this looks like an only cosmetic feature. Besides the immersion feeling, and possibilities to add many outfits via mods you can chose from a wardrobe in your quarters (or the kyro block), like uniforms of your favorite sci-fi TV series, wearing something less bulky than a space suit can become a game changing element in the following ways: Advantages of wearing normal clothes: - character becomes more agile, can move faster when walking (but not fly as there is no jetpack) - character may perform better in repairing things, as he is not impeded by the heavy space suit - some tools (yet to introduce) may only become usable when you are not in your space suit. Basically things which require keyboards as you don't wear thick gloves with whom it is hard to hit the keys - you finally see if your co-player (or yourself, or future NPCs) is a male or a female, as the space suit does not hide the differences any longer, except the face, this may become a new communication tool -> when you think of animations expressing body language, Disadvantages of wearing normal clothes: - once your environment is loosing oxygen, temperature cannot be maintained, or you are hurled into space, due to damages to your ship/station during combat, you have to die (no instant changing into space suit with no wardrobe present) - you are a bit more vulnerable without all the stuffing around your body This idea needs new models for male and female engineers, opens ways of customization (just like the new spacesuit variations) and requires a new block for changing attire. I called it the wardrobe in the text, but as it also contains space suit, it is probably something more sophisticated. Like a station where you keep your personal equipment, including heavy ones. Changing an outfit should not be done instantly but require a period while you dress and undress (a minute), to avoid exploitation in multiplayer situations. Helped by the need of a near wardrobe/equip station to perform the changing.

Cetric shared this idea 20/08/17 12:18
xAliance 31/08/17 02:37
+3 Very good idea, just though of it in my last session running over a planet... I mean, there already is a feature for "chaning the look" in the medbay, just add an animation if your done and then show the new clothes.
Keruf 02/09/17 12:14
No need in wardrobe. Skins can be changed via medbay. As the current tools use energy of a suit it won't be able to use. I suppose the civilian suit will have no backpack so your inventory is limited with what you carry in your hands (41L drill - max) I think its a good idea for roleplay. And I agree that game must make players to use it. In addition, space suit should become an item that needs crafting (not expensive, like other character items). The spacesuit itself can have different variants (cheap version with no jetpack and/or less inventory for example). Then there should be an option 'disable spawn in space suit'.
Cetric 03/09/17 11:19
@Keruf Actually I think it is the other way. When you are in indoors suit you should be able to carry more items with you than in space suit. Why? The space suit for obvious reasons is the most bulky outfit you can imagine for a human being. You are stuffed all around your body to protect you against - 271 degrees celsius and absence of oxygen. So it needs isolation and tech to provide protection and life conditions, most notably a big backpack containing your oxygen tank. Some devices to heat your suit and pump the oxygen, tubes, valves, and let's not forget about the jetpack with its controls and hydrogen tank feeding its thrusters. So where is there space for carrying all the tools you can chose in the game right now at a keystroke? A space suit does not allow you to carry a backpack for tools or even shoulder bags most likely don't work. Pockets in your suit? I don't think this is possible, for making the sealing most tight. Different for the indoors clothes. You can carry your equipment in a rucksack, add shoulder bags, a belt with attached things or swing your rifle with a shoulder strap on your back. You are not impeded by the weight of your space suit (where gravity is produced). So it has to be the indoors clothes enabling you to carry more stuff, and not the space suit. You should be able to equip your character with just *one* of the heavy tools (drill/welder/cutter) when you leave protected area for a space walk. And have to return for changing tools, or have a hatch on your ship where you can exchange the tools without having to return inside. Or have a small space cart with you, hovering or with own micro propulsion, which you can pull around and which contains a variety of tools. Like it is now, it's certainly too optimistic about what an astronaut can carry around. I understand though it is designed like this for convenience of the gamers.
Keruf 04/09/17 13:39
@Cetric You've just described one more version of a civilian suit. I spoke about a light suit with no rucksack, extra pockets and systems, just clothes. Your idea of heavy-load civilian suit is also cool and worth being.
FoolishOwl 06/09/17 21:00
I don't think "normal clothes" makes much sense in the context of Space Engineers. Unless you're on the surface of an Earth-like planet, you're always in danger of rapid asphyxiation from depressurization -- such as from a mishap when working with a grinder. It's hard enough to remember to seal your helmet in the few seconds you've got when an area's been depressurized, which takes a single keypress, let alone get to a medical room to swap outfits. However, I'll suggest an alternative: designate the existing spacesuit as a "heavy" suit, and add an option for a "light" suit. The light suit would include a helmet that could be sealed and would provide oxygen, although perhaps a smaller supply than the heavy suit; it could otherwise have similar advantages and disadvantages to what you discuss. If you look at real-world space suits, you can see that the suit used in SE looks most like the heavy suits used for spacewalks, but there are other designs that have been used that aren't so bulky.
vadersson 15/09/17 17:56
I think this would be nice, but dangerous idea. Airtightness does not seem to be perfect yet, so I could see this causing more than a few respawns. One thing you mention is comfortable temperatures. We don't currently track that in game do we? There are no heaters that I know of, only O2 levels. It would be nice to have temperature issues and have to deal with those. (So much for my ice lake base...) ;)
Cetric 16/09/17 10:38
True. Temperatures are not featured in SE, but you 'know' they are there. They *have* to. We forget in this game (and others even more so) how hostile and deadly Space actually is. The fact we can respawn at ease further lowers our awareness of hostile environment. Therefore, Space should be given more reason to be feared in the game, and your precautions have to be more serious, as if there was no 'respawn' option, which of course in reality nobody enjoys. Death means death. -- When I published my idea here, I did not have on my mind to ask for 'temperature' as a special feature in the game (although I would not say no if it came, could also play a role on planets being too hot or too cold for taking off the spacesuit). I imagine in SE warmth is provided together with air automatically, think of heated air being blown by the vents, instead of 'just' air. So it's not necessarily a divided issue. What's sure is if your face or body is exposed to minus 271 degrees celsius, you die, if you have breathing air or not. Just try it on Earth, in harsh winter, with minus 20 and no winter equipment, for some hours, for getting the idea. Sure, @FoolishOwl, with severed Space effects and our increased vulnerability without a space suit, death becomes a bigger threat. But It ought be more intimidating. We got to feel respect to the Big Void which has no mercy and does not offer 'respawning' for us, if we were there in person. I think this adds to the game's charms, in terms of realism, by more harshness and consequences to mistakes and failure. You will just have to be extra-careful and add more technical precautions (like stronger hulls and warning devices), and maybe depressurization following a leak should not be instantly but gradually, so you have a chance to flee to some safe area of your ship/station and get your space suit on. Therein is even some entertaining gameplay drama in view.
amrylin1337 21/09/17 08:23
I want to see lots of options that open up other avenues of higher health, lower maneuverability to help the FPS bit out and plenty of casual options for Roleplayers. Anything fully supported in vanilla and interactive with the actual mechanics of the game would be great.
nevertel 19/12/17 06:06
this is a great idea. it adds another layer of the survival aspect. i also like the idea of quick decompression being able to suck player and loose objects out the breech.