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Individual armor block face texture
Add the ability to be able to separately texture (As well as colour, mentioned in another feature request) each side of a block. Much in the same way you can in Empyrion. This is probably not an easy to implement feature, but it would vastly improve ship building as I wouldn't need to use a two block depth to have a different texture on the outside of my ship to the inside. It would also clean up the G-Screen menu as I wouldn't need many variants of the same block type just to have a different texture. Mods could be just simply the texture and details on how it is applied to blocks, and when texturing a block you can choose from the default or additional mod textures.

woodster shared this idea 17/08/17 20:17
BluePieNinja 18/08/17 04:05
It'd be neat if you got a 'spray paint' tool that acted as a way to add textures from images from your computer or a preset list of textures to the sides of objects
woodster 19/08/17 03:44
There already is a spray paint mod for colour which works pretty awesome as you can spray into corners and diagonals where the usual middle mouse click to paint would get blocked by other collision boxes. Maybe it could be added to vanilla and do textures too if that were ever to be added.