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Increase the size of the Color palette in Color Picker menu ( P ).
The standard 14 colors available are simply not enough, and having to write-over existing colors in order to add custom ones is a pain, since when you need those colors again you have to select Defaults and lose your custom colors. The simple solution is to increase the size of the palette to allow more custom colors, and have the default colors as a fixed set that can't be over-written. I'd suggest maybe 28-35 more spaces below the existing ones, that would be ideal and very easy to implement I'd have hoped...

SuicideNeil shared this idea 28/09/17 06:10
posthy 28/09/17 16:21
This'd be nice, in the meantime if you have a block with your custom color you can target it and press Shift+P to reselect that color :)
Cifer7 29/09/17 04:14
That would be nice to have built into the UI. The work around I've been using that may help you, is a blue print ship, that's nothing but a wall of custom colors labeled with their hue and shade via lcd. Every time I open a new map or need my favorite colors, I paste it in, and paint-copy from it.
SuicideNeil 30/09/17 18:13
I've taken to screen-shoting the color pallette with the custom color selected so that I have a record of the values- there is no mention of Shift+P in the key bindings or help menus etc etc. In fact, a lot of useful key combos are not mentioned anywhere...