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Incorporate the Exploration mod
Since you have been adding mods I think you should add this one it is amazing and really makes the game feel alive, its hard to find things so you need radar but its much much much nicer to play with than without. The factions etc work really well, so does trading etc. I also think it could be vastly expanded upon but it is an amazing starting point. Also mod and this mod work really well together as well. Again just making things feel more alive, but on planets! Could be expanded to spawn bases etc maybe? Keep up the hard work guys, its a great game!

StrangeCalibur shared this idea 18/08/17 05:01
ghofmann 24/08/17 19:55
Doesn't have to be this mod exactly, but something similar would be wonderful. This goes along with another suggestion to create factions for the commercial and military ships already in game.