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Improved ships and stations interface
Hello everyone ! First of all I'm sorry if my english is bad. I think we need an improved interface to see easily the differents blocs, groups and ships connected. We should have a customizable list of folders where we could put by a drag and drop system the differents blocs and groups we want (like for a computer). By this way we could organise our interface and see what group belong to what ship by a single look. Moreover we shouldn't have the problem of one group affect the blocs of an other ship that have a group with the same name. For example: > Station > Ship 1 v Ship 2 > Propulsion v Reactors Reactor 1 Reactor 2 Reactor 3 v Weapons > Gatlings > Missiles Launchers > ... > Ship 3

RicleRouge shared this idea 28/04/18 17:55