Space Engineers Feedback

Improved/Proper "Hacking"
As it stands, hacking is a tediously irritating task, as taking over an enemy vessel can take forever and you have to search for a large number of components based on how large the ship is. I believe it would be easier/make more sense to have a hack tool. The idea would be to place the hack tool on the main cockpit/a few programming blocks, and over time it would hack the individual blocks of the ship/station one at a time, converting them. The bigger the ship, the more time it takes, and should the ship passes a certain size limit it would require more hack modules on key block types. Cockpits, programming modules, refineries, reactors, etc. This blocks would be small enough to be attached to blocks, but can still be seen and shot/ground off by others.

Dequire shared this idea 15/09/17 22:18