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Improved Control Panel
I would like to have a better system - Until now the only two tools what we have to get a little bit of order into the Control Panel is to make groups and to hide objekts. I think it would be better to have a system similar like the windows explorer, with folders and the possebility to arrange them in the way i´d like. With folders and subfolders jou can bild your own structure- so you can find objekts faster (if you have a good structure) and esspecially if you share your work- somebody else have the chance to understood what you have build...

Corran983 shared this idea 17/08/17 18:40
Fantanplan 17/08/17 23:17
very good idea but similar to
Different 17/08/17 23:25
I just made a similar post as well, damn it so to update This post: MilordK 's post: my post: (sorry I made the title too long..)