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Improve the User Experience of Building System in Survival Mode
I played a lots on Survival Mode , but I found that I waste most of the time on searching and hauling items. I believe these 2 ideas can solve this problem. 1. Right click to remove Welding frame It saves a lots of time from switching pages when you placed a wrong block 2. Getting required components from Cargo Container automatically Maybe add a shortcut (like Ctrl + A) to save required components' list . Then , when you access the container . You can use the same shortcut to get same amount of components of your saved list.

GP2OM shared this idea 22/08/17 22:59
Sagi 06/10/17 20:08
i like it but i think they must improve how other ships build stuff. You must be motivated to build a buildign ship before buildign other stuff, yet at this point a building ship often is more trouble then it is worth