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Improve the tools or Create Tutorials on how to make custom Campaigns
I took about a year break from Space Engineers, anticipating that when I finally did come back that there would be this 'Mission System' that I could dig in order to flesh out the game for myself but mostly for other people, at least my friends. I'm a Dungeonmaster and I fully expected for this new ability to be accessible somehow through the in game client. I knew there would be visual scripting but I expected there to be basic functions as seen in the official Tutorial 'Campaign'. Now I've come back and it seems the tools are still only for those with skill in coding, or at the very least, a comprehension level of software that I do not have. All I need is a fairly simple list of triggers based on zones, timers, etc so that I can trigger a waypoint after reaching one...spawn enemies or allies, send information to LCDs and to the players audio....maybe do a little camera movement to set up small cutscenes too. Currently I'm very disappointed that there is no feasible way for me to do this without a considerable amount of investment and time into a skillset I have tried repeatedly to get into, but cannot. Please, Keen, make these things simpler to do. People want to see more entries in the 'Campaign' category on the Workshop. There are currently 2 so far as I know. Some of the biggest and most successful mods add content that you as a company may never feasibly be able to do. Letting people use scenario/campaign creation tools more user friendly will allow this game to last a whole lot longer.

amrylin1337 shared this idea 24/10/17 03:55
Maybesomeday85 30/10/17 16:27
This would be so cool. Currently when i release something in workshop you can only choose exploration on/off. There is some amount of player made scenarios with few differend kind of approach how to use or not to use ingame tools. Adding option to publish creations under campaign/scenario would help a lot. Easy waypoint system would allso make it easier for people to start doing campaigns and scenarios.
ronin 30/10/17 22:58
this actualy dosent need coding KEEN used all ingame tools. we also now have the cutscreen tool and a tool to teleport you when your done with an area theres aso voxle tool the only thing id want is to be able to place down trees and bushes
amrylin1337 31/10/17 22:25
@ronin Point me toward where there User friendly Campaign making tools in the client that have nothing to with scripting outside of the client. This isn't ingame so far as I know.