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improve/Overhaul Communications options for multiplayer
Global chat is always an option but there are those who would like to approach their survival in more of a roleplayed manner, only being able to communicate within certain ranges if using suit broadcasting or antennas. Currently we can send messages around that aren't global but have no notification of receiving a message and also have to go into a menu to see them. Some addition to the UI and notifications, plus perhaps the ability to wire this to an LCD via scripting would increase immersion and add new functionality for roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike.

amrylin1337 shared this idea 08/10/17 10:40
HighGround 11/10/17 08:11
Might also be useful to have different chat channels, like a general chat, fraction chat and private chat, similar to World of WarCraft.
rum 16/10/17 02:12
i love this idea i love the idea of just limiting the communication amount so building radar or anntena is actualy usefull