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Improve industry and planets
Currently there is no real difference between playing on planets or in space besides gravity and thrust power. The presence of an atmosphere on planets has been underutilized in my opinion. Besides breathability you have the atmospheric density value which is already in place and makes one of these changes simple to introduce. Atmospheric effects on power. The devs have already teased wind power is coming to space engineers and I believe it should serve as the opposite to solar power. The thicker the atmosphere the stronger wind power is but the weaker solar power is, due to the atmosphere blocking some sunlight. Atmospheric effects on communication. Radio and laser antennas are already kinda messed up in their range, (laser should be doubled, radio should be cut in half) why not throw atmospheric interference into the mix? An antenna's max range should be limited by how thick the atmosphere around it is. Refineries. Now here's the big one that can have just a small change revolutionize space engineers. I have just one question for the devs. How the heck do refineries work? I can accept that the arc furnace might function on a different principle but how do you explain a machine turning raw ores into bars without combustion? What is the vital component of combustion? Oxygen! I propose that refineries consume oxygen to work and I don't mean a little bit of oxygen either. Without tanks you should need several o2 generators running PER REFINERY, or just one little vent on a planet. I like this solution because it offers a real engineering challenge and increases the value of planet bases as centers of industry. It just seems wrong that you aren't penalized at all for just picking up all of your industry and having it keep running on the move. People can still do that but they need to replace the lost resource (the o2 rich atmosphere of a freakin planet) with ice they harvest themselves.

Xurik4 shared this idea 14/09/17 21:44
Zanderaf 15/09/17 16:31
Or maybe add a heat system with the oxygen supply? like needing to vent out the heat from refineries or they stop working/explode?
KaneCold 19/09/17 12:39
T_T sadly i'm out of votes ... so i have to pay with a shady comment But i agree the in-game economy/crafting needs a bit more depth to it ... personally I would watch over at Factorio but to Add Atmospheric effects and heat to it would be nice as well. +Like