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Improve DNS and IPv6 handling
It seems the game isn't yet ready for IPv6 at all. Since IPv6 is becomming more important and I don't even have an IPv4 address anymore, the network parts of the game should support and prefer it over IPv4. That's quite major for the next years I think. Additionally: The direct connect has a function to add a server to the favorites. Since the used operating system (windows) isn't the most common on servers and (I guess) most people host game servers at home (possibly on their PCs), it would be nice to save the server by it's DNS name (if used). But instead the DNS name is resolved to the IP and the IP is saved. The IP could change over time, the DNS name is fixed, even if it's DynDNS.

Kaemmelot shared this idea 19/04/18 23:22
filcon 20/04/18 09:50
Hi, We are using Steam API for networking stuff and that does not support IPv6. So unfortunately it's not up to us to add that. If Valve adds IPv6 support in the future, we will add it to the game too.