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Immersive Control Panel (K) on your wrist
This is a "quality of life" suggestion that should give much more immersion and make the game feel more consistant and more "polished". I was thinking something that implements the functionality of Jimmacle's Build Vision ( with some animation from Digi's Animated Interaction (, allowing you to interact with the control panel without detaching from the world around you, and maybe some restyling of the menus to make it even more intuitive (optional). At the end it could look something like this: (maybe with the arm more in front of the camera so that the wristpad is more centered and closer)

Radeth shared this idea 26/09/17 19:35
Bleuhazenfurfle 21/11/17 10:37
I've always felt that must be where the terminal system is actually located — not on those piddly little control panel screens (they're just the "log in" interface) — and the game should probably emphasise that more. That said, I don't think I'd want to be using the little screen on your arm, either… More like the terminal system display comes up on your HUD, and you just use the arm interface as the input device.