Space Engineers Feedback

Immersion and Survivability
If anyone reads this, some of my ideas/possible add-ons for Space Engineers are: Bring Back Ladders (jk) But, in all seriousness, the biggest things that need to be added/fixed are multiplayer and the overall survivability and "immersion" of the game. For multiplayer, I want some general bug fixes and optimizations and make it easier to have a large group of ships and players. Come on, don't tell me I'm the only one who once something like an enemy fleet invading a planet that first has to destroy the other factions defending fleet and the remaining troops on the planet itself. Then, having to defend said planet. Also, make it so that when a ship hits the ground, a large explosion occurs, or when a ship gets rammed, don't have the Klang be released or have so much damage dealt to the ship when rammed. (I think thats the easiest part but I don't know I'm not a programmer.) For the immersion part, what I mean is that I think the whole survivability aspect should be fixed by adding a food, water, and disease system to the game. (Maybe some some of ai player, not just ships, to fight against?) If possible maybe a weather and or climate system. I also would like several different ai factions such as a military or a trade federation. Imagine how how epic it would be to see a merchant ship getting attacked by pirates only to be intervened by a group of military or police ships, afterwards salvaging the wreckage. (Maybe factions get specific types of ships. Like pirates get more cheap but large amounts of small craft where the military gets expensive but finite battleships?) On the topic of battles, I want a wider variety of weapons for my ships (maybe players too?). I know we have gatling guns and rockets but where are my battleship cannons and lasers? Yes, I know this is quite literally a ****load of stuff to do.

TheAceHunter shared this idea 31/08/17 21:12