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ICONS need COLOR. Ore icons, Components icons , Ammunition icons. Give them some color!
I am requesting this because many of the icons look too similar to each other when they are all blue-ish. I have over 1000+ hours in SE, but I still find myself not recognizing icons immediately when looking in inventories. SE is the only game I know that has inventory icons wich makes it harder to find the right item. It's not helping the player keeping it all blue-ish. Icons should be faster recognizable without the text describing the item. Adding the right color is a working solution. Simple mods fix it, but Keen could improve on this particular issue permanently. If ores, components and ammunition had some color, it'd be a lot easier to sort them out in the inventory.

AlexVestin shared this idea 08/10/17 20:11
Ramxius 12/10/17 03:44
Yeah, not sure what you were thinking there, but this UI needs some serious adjustment. First and foremost...colored icons. make that change IMMEDIATELY. Secondly...among the sandbox games that I have played, ONLY Minecraft has been this opaque. You NEED to add a tooltip (or similar) to blocks to communicate their function (possibly their power draw and other relevant information in the G menu.
AlexVestin 12/10/17 03:58
@Raximus. I agree with you that the G menu could use a few other informative features as well. Like a simple description for the blocks in the G menu with some more basic information. So the player will know if the block is: -airtight, -requires power, -it's basic function, -mass, -if it has inventory (and it's available space), -etc. etc.
Syncaidius1 12/10/17 22:00
The reasons the OP gave for this suggestion are exactly why I use the Colorful Icons mod: The vanilla ones really should be colored...
posthy 18/10/17 00:28
And colors to the HUD too, like this mod I always use Build Info (, and Build Vision ( Quality of life mods.
Simonious 28/10/17 18:09
I'd like to second posthy
mikrogen 30/03/18 13:25
This is not an issue, by design.