Space Engineers Feedback

i want to shoot people. youll get it when you read the idea
ok so human type NPCs with guns would be cool just saying again I do understand how long it takes for games to develop. well not really but ok it takes awhile but dang that would be cool.

steelphantom67 shared this idea 04/10/17 06:23
Ikow 05/10/17 16:05
I personally think it would be an amazing idea, some npc pirates occupying bases on the planet, I can only imagine it would be reallllllly difficult to even place them on ships since all the pathfinding and stuff, but perhaps just have a ship going 15 meters per second and let them roam but I can imagine that would be really difficult, but the pirates defending bases would be amazing.
Whiskey2049 05/10/17 16:12
I believe you want something similar to