Space Engineers Feedback

i dont ant to say this but i have to guys :( also some ideas in the end
at the start SE was amazing nothing els was like it it was...different. but SE went in the wrong direction i really wish makers vision came out :( because now theirs nothing (special) anymore because other games have what SE has and better. And it seems to me that Keen dosent have a strong idea for the game. Like games like minecraft has something different it has a simple building system simple graphic and alot more.all im saying is focus on one idea and that is ENGINEERING. this may be long but if a random guy from the community can save a game like this i wouldn't give up the chance. and also i would recommend starting a patron for just Keen in general i would support you for a 1$ a month and many others would too :P. anyways back to my point. engineering and what this game is lacking and what needs to change too. .Engeenering .a different building style. Now before i start SE uses now a old building style we need to go to the modern age games like to be able to drag a rotor and make a 5x5x5 rotor block or something like this would be awsome ...also to have more then 1 block on one grid or just change all the large grids to move on small grids i think people will understand what i mean. also a new engine block not necessarily an engine but its a blocks that basically allows your thrusters to turn. also other blocks that i would like is more mining tools. also another one would be a 3D camera. and a radar jamer that spins when jamming and will locate gps coordinates. .a 1 block thrust-er like the sensor it will be around that size and youl have a ion and a ATM thruster Improvements .the ability to build on wheels and to have a system where you can drag a wheel in size up to 5x5x5. .the ability to build on wheel suspension. also just some more engineering things :/ and plz bring back the weekly vids enjoy yourself Keen :P

ronin shared this idea 28/09/17 23:49
SevenSins 30/09/17 17:12
Ok then name one infinite procedural generated world sandbox game where really everything is destructable, deformable, harvestable etc. where you can build working physical-based ground and air and space vehicles/crafts or stations. Additionally huge randomly generated Planets and moons with different fully realistic atmospheres, air density and speaking of air an functional pressurisation system. Not to mention the awesome AI this game offers (Yea sure they don't really use any of all their AI features yet but performance and base gameplay are more important right now)
ronin 30/09/17 20:31
yes thats not good enough now dude the world is changing and so is the gaming industry. 3 games are coming out that are far well surpassing space engenders in every way plus space engineers has really bad FPS and dont get me going on a rant
amrylin1337 01/10/17 20:29
Your idea is kind of ranty and nonsensical. You give a few examples of things you want and it comes across as a grocery list. Not helpful, not insightful.
ronin 01/10/17 22:47
how els do i give my ideas also its true SE is starting to die out of the gammign industry
amrylin1337 02/10/17 01:40
Let's see your empirical evidence that Space Engineers is dying out of the 'industry'. I think you're just posting how you feel, not what's really happening.
ronin 05/11/17 15:03
army well well then 2 years ago there was an average of 5-6k players online since then its gone down to 1-2k players online and the steam stats are saying its gonna go down same with sales over 2 million sales and 60% of that was on the first year now they get around 5-30 sales a day witch is definitely not enough to run a business with 50 employees. every game dyes out and to me it seems like SE is dying out earlier than most games . even thought its still in beta its still going downhill. A nd a big part of it sucsess is YouTube and alot of the once 'SE' you tubers are quiting it or want to quit it soon such as mewocapitan (quit it) laststand gamer(ive talked with him and he said the game is really boring for him and theirs better games out there) and ravric (hes done with the bugs. once games liek dual univers or skywanderes come out this game is done it wont die out completely but it will go from 1-2k players online to 100-400 players online.