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Hotkey Blocks from remote grids
So when you are piloting a grid you can hotkey any block to all it's actions. Wether it to be doors wich open or rotors/pistons to thruster movement and so on... It would be very cool especially for early survival if you could hotkey these blocks whilst not piloting them but are within antenna range (also counting the 200m boradcast from your engineer). This way you could be able to fly an aircraft but have a hotkey to open doors from your base without having to click 5 times to get there. You could also use this option to have a remote drone being controlled more easily as you could fly it more often with one push of a button instead of 5 clicks. This will also make sure thet the use of sensors would drasticly decrease (thus increasing performance) as you can manipulated more things more often. Imagine a crane build of welders and pistons wich you can operate with your hotkeys instead of being forced to sit at a control station... Door systems lights docking systems refinery's weapons ore detectors flight control batteries, there is actually no block wich i think this could not be handy with this. Should a hotkeyed block be out of range(and thus unusable) it could turn grey in your toolbar givving you instant more information about the distance between you and this grid.

Sagi shared this idea 15/09/17 08:59
Sagi 19/09/17 15:15
p.s. i failed to specify that this also means that you can remote controls vehicles and blocks with your engineer itself (he has a 200m broadcats radius). I believe this would make it easier for new player to use the broadcast/remote control system and are thereforme more inclined to use it along longer distances as well. I even think it would be extremly cool that whilst you are remotly controling something there is an animation for your engineer in wich he is opperating his portable control panel on his arm.
duncandisorder 27/09/17 23:12
Great idea. Returning the favour. You got my vote.
Sagi 28/09/17 09:39
It is appriciated :) I was already wondering with this many suggestions if there was even anyone who would read this.
Sagi 29/09/17 23:25
p.s. i must apolagize. It seems you already can take control with only your engineer. Yet the topic remains. This feature would be much much much more used when you can hotkey blocks from other grids. the way now is just to sloppy for simple tasks.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:38
This is the first time I've submitted an idea and I can see why it can be frustrating, especially when you're confident the idea you put forward would improve the game. So far, I have 12 votes and 3 of them are mine. lol The thing is, the longer your idea goes unnoticed, the further it gets pushed back on the pages of ideas. The other day my idea was on page 7, now it's on page 9. I'm starting to think a bit of self promoting is necessary if you want your idea to take off. You're living proof it works, because you got my vote after posting in my thread. We need to make an effort in order to achieve our goal, I reckon. When I get some time, I'm going to post in the top rated ideas and work my way down. If you're going to follow my example, may I suggest copying your first post, this way all you need to do is paste all your other posts. Hope this helps. Good luck!
duncandisorder 01/10/17 01:52
DO NOT TRY MY SUGGESTION! I pissed a lot of people off and they saw it as spamming. In truth, I simply thought I was promoting the idea, not forcing it on people. Now, people won't vote because they're mad at me. So, no matter how good the idea is, it won't matter.
Sagi 01/10/17 16:41
Lol, That sucks... I look at what ideas people give and what they say. I Never look at who is posting, only at the content. p.s. i made a video about my suggestion :) ps especially at 12:50 is the most interesting part
Sagi 01/10/17 16:47
lol bad link srr...