Space Engineers Feedback

horrifying monsters instead of wolves and spiders
1. The dead engineer : when taking the monolith, a base spawns in the area (put in backstory here) after you explore the base you will be followed by somting similar of a player. scars,cracked helmet,bleeding etc this enemy can not be killed but slowed down. you can use the sound blocks to hold him away by selecting a high pitch sound. it can teleport. When you die and come back to your dead body, its all over the floor/ceiling . 2. The parasite: its like paranormal acvtivety in your base/ship/fighter. it turns thing on/off/reverse etc there is two ways to kill it,it is to restart the reactor manually or find its core. you can find the parasite on astroids or escapepods. 3. The spider: has a kinda black mist around it, and walks on the cilings/caves, not easely spotted, most times lives in caves you make. hates light, so your base is safe. most of them can have a jumpscare when it kills you p.s sorry for the spelling :/

HGMT shared this idea 15/09/17 20:04