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Hide hud should keep antenna readings
I usually find myself building a cockpit with LCDs to display flight information (use horizon, bearing, Automatic LCDs 2 scripts and some more). But when I hide the hud the readings from the antenna get hidden too making it hard to know where your other ships/base are for example. I suggest hiding the hud should not hide the information provided by antennas as it can be hidden by pressing the "h" (default config) key. I noticed pressing "tab" once has a particular effect and pressing it twice hides the hud completely so there could be a 3rd effect: 1. hide hud background, 2. hide hud (keep antenna), 3. hide all. Another option is to improve the antenna API so we can get the readings from it and display them on an LCD.

Whiskey2049 shared this idea 12/10/17 20:54
Bleuhazenfurfle 29/11/17 13:03
Perhaps hide effect 2 could be customisable? Displaying things on HUD or LCD is something I've been carrying on about for over a year, or two — scripts should be able to do a lot of it now, though.