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HDR (or eye adaption) works the wrong way!
What I expect: When entering a dark area, eyes adapt and the surroundings become brighter. When entering a brightly lit area, eyes adapt and the surroundings become a bit darker. What actually happens: When standing in a brightly lit area I can see into dark areas as if these were lit too. When going to said dark area I can't see shit even when looking at the brightly lit area which then also dark AF. This issue has been around quite a while as several Forum Posts, Steam Community Discussions and hundreds of google search results can confirm. Until 2016 (I think) we could disable that shit by disabling the setting "Render interpolation". But this setting got removed. And the F12 screen (which was a workaround) is gone now as well. Just to name one of those threads:

pingger shared this idea 03/03/18 17:48
mikrogen 30/03/18 13:33
Can you just provide the save world where this happens? HDR works as expected.
pingger 30/03/18 18:31
Yes I can ... It seems after 3 years you are still 'declining' the issue ...
Reaper93 01/04/18 05:51
I've noticed this problem as well. Sitting inside a cockpit with brightly lit welders or grinders in view of the cockpit causes the world to become extremely dark around even though it's day outside. Even with 1 intensity. Even if that is intended, it's very annoying and at night it's even worse. You have spotlights that are supposed to help you see, but all they do it darken the surrounding area.