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Hazardous Enviorments/Survival focus.
So currently as it stands Survival in space engineers is pretty lame. let me list off everything that poses a threat in the game: O2, energy, Crashing, Wolves, Spider, Pirates, and meteor showers. while these features are a nice thing to have to give a bit of life to the survival experience. they are more of an annoyance than a proper threat. O2 and energy are just Supply management that is ridiculously easy to take care of, Wolves drop like tic-tacs the moment you get a single gun up, same with spiders and meteors, and Pirates are just a nuisance. I'm proposing a Hunger/Thirst aspect, Environmental hazards, along with others that i will mention later. but I'll list my points one by one, Hunger/Thirst: Simple really. We already have water in the game, and we are human in the game. so we would have to EAT SOMETHING at some point. The addition of fast growing crops and water purifiers would help to add this effect. Environmental hazards: when i say environmental hazards i mean things like Heat Stroke, Frost bite, Radiation poisoning. Because these things do exist and our space engineers are constantly going into deserts and polar ice caps. An addition i'm suggesting is a new Suit system. where Changing your suit would help to protect you against hot/cold environments, of course things like the Forests would be the safest. as their weather would be quite moderate. Another thing along with it would be A/C. Air Conditioning. Giving a LOT more incentive to build and maintain a base, the AC unit would help to cool or warm your bases and outposts to optimal conditions. they can also be hooked up in vehicles to help traverse hazardous areas. And for radiation. You know i really wish we had a Geiger Counter whenever i got mining up uranium and just stuff it into my back pack. then yank it out of a refinery and shove it into a live reactor! I'm shocked my engineer hasn't grown a third arm by this point. Radiation is a thing and the player character has to work around refined, unprotected uranium all the time. hell if you drop the refined uranium it's literally just a bunch of bars heal together with string with a Stick smacked onto the side. So suits that help protect against radiation or upgrades to suits to help protect against radiation would be cool. And also, Toxic Atmospheres and sickness from the Toxic atmospheres. so suits that protect against that as well. Medical Kits: Kinda surprised that they aren't in the game yet. A Small Medical kit (First Aid), a Medium Kit (trauma Kit), and a Large Medical Kit (Suture Kit) are REALLY overdue. it would help in fire fights/war zones between factions, or if you just took a fall or had a crash and need to top off your HP. maybe the Suture Kit could come with some Oxygen replenishment as well. I hope my ideas get heard. I think adding these things as an optional mode to play in would be really fun and add a whole new level of depth and challenge to the game.

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Cirtex 26/10/17 18:42
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