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Handheld pressure leak detector
Sometimes it is a pain in the a** to search an oxygen leak which is too well hidden. Especially when once your construction was safe and some update or mod broke that pressurization capability. Good luck with searching! Now what about a hand tool for the astronaut which, when you select it, puts a layer over your view which shows blocks either being airtight or not (like highlighting them red), so you can approach them and repair the leak. -- Also could detect damaged blocks at the edge of loosing airtightness. That's of value in combat when you need to find and fix damages done by enemy weapons on your structures. Especially when we will have non-space suit clothing which makes you vulnerable to loss of oxygen indoors (as I proposed in another entry).

Cetric shared this idea 23/08/17 15:59
MartinSPACELORD 25/08/17 06:42
that would be cool if your a new player and don't know that blocks are air tight
Cetric 25/08/17 11:46
I have at this time 900+ hours on SE and I still could have use for that leak detector. As I wrote, sometimes changes not done by the player doom pressurization and you are left guessing which part which before functioned perfectly is now responsible for a leak. I agree that novice players get one source of frustration less when having the leak detector as well.