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Hacking device
Add a device or a block that can be placed on enemy ships and will hack all of the blocks on the ship and make them become yours. Would be good if they could be stackable, so the more the better. It is really annoying to go through the whole ship and grind every block and rebuild it again. I feel like this wouldn't be too difficult of an item to add either (especially as a block).

ColinHegarty shared this idea 21/01/18 12:39
TomDotBat 21/01/18 12:47
Yes please, this would literally save my life.
AlbinPlays 21/01/18 13:30
In mid-combat, you threw a hacking device and then you win the match maybe add it but then make it that you can't use it on a ship when someone is in the cockpit.
ColinHegarty 21/01/18 13:59
Make it a slow process. Maybe make it take 30 seconds and it hacks one block. Add another hacking device and then it halves the time to 15 seconds.