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Grinding down small blocks causes game freeze & crash.
A large ship grinder array grinding down small blocks eventually causes a game freeze which results in a crash blaming my hardware... Video that shows the issue in action:

ManIkWeet shared this idea 19/09/17 19:43
Cohors 22/09/17 01:36
it looks like something's looping and gobbling up all available ram.
mikrogen 22/09/17 15:30
Fixed in 184.100
admiralpeck 24/09/17 00:59
it has been happening on all tools for me due to the grinding/welding smoke, i eventually had to stop the smoke from happening by editing the game files, it was happening with all tools at all sizes but the hand held drill, and the lack of happening with the drill can be attributed to the fact that i only use the hand drill when no other option is presented. the reason i know this is that doing everything but using grinders and welders in a creative world for several hours only even started to lag after i crashed a ship made of h2 tanks, the second ship crash took the game with it but i fully expected that, i had not been able to do survival for longer than 4 hours without reloading until after i removed the smoke in the config
admiralpeck 10/12/17 07:31
removing construction smoke in the config is the easy way, but if you look closely, it looks to me like the smoke just doesnt have a time limit on how long the animation plays, so it never goes away, and sometimes on lower end systems when you load a planet back in and the game stutters for a few frames, you can see all the smoke clouds again where previous welding or grinding or drilling has happened, as a result i use the automated beam drill and the nanite control factory because they don't create smoke when they do those things so i don't tend to get a lot of memory buildup unless i completely mess up a ship design and have to remove all the scaffolding and start over.
admiralpeck 10/12/17 07:32
also even if this was fixed, it seems to have broken again.
admiralpeck 16/01/18 06:39
still havent fixed those ugly smoke puffs, i dont mind the little strams of smoke but those puffs are blindingly ugly still