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Grids and Subgrids in terminal with drop downs
As you end up building bigger and bigger ships or stations that have multiple connection points or even stacked connections/rotors/pistons. It would be great if you could separate them by gridname as an alternative (or replacement) to the current colored grid system (though leave the colors). maybe have a tab above the grid where you can show all (Current form) or sort them by group or only show subgrids or something. For example: you have a station that has a multi purpose small ship attached (2 connectors) and some other junk Currently you just see colors that can leave you guessing as to which subgrid it belongs to without renaming accordingly. However what if we had a way to expand or collapse that subgrid to look more like this: > Station (Main grid) - Station blocks --> Small Multi purpose Ship -- Small Multi Purpose Ship Blocks ----> Small Multi Purpose Attachment Head (Grinder, Welders, Drills) --> Welder Drone --> Rotor Head --> Rotor Head ----> Rotor Head --> Piston Head ----> Ship attached by Connector attached to Piston head So it could collapse to showing just station. or only the station and the small multi purpose ships blocks. or it could show it on a folder structure style. Now you could see straight away which is part of the station and which is the ship you are looking for, instead of say the Light Pink color or maybe the Orange colored one? This means there's no need to put an Acronym for the different subgrids in front of every block in the terminal and you can simply hide all the blocks of that subgrid from the main station if you collapsed the subgroup As I have a ship for nearly every purpose attached to my station at the moment, plus some friends have connected to it as well there is a lot of scrolling to do to find the block i'm looking for. and not everyone names their ship blocks consistently so I usually end up with a few "Remote Control" blocks, especially when my friends "Deep Space Exploration Ship" is attached which has several Drone welder/grinders, rotors for solar panels, docking bays for ships and piston arm docks. Maybe even add the possibility to create your own expandable dropdown groups to group together items in rooms on your ships and stations so you can find all the lights within one room easily. I reckon this idea needs a bit of tweaking still with comments from other users to fully flesh it out, but it would make the giant terminal much easier to traverse on big ships and stations (even small stations)

Taliseth shared this idea 19/08/17 14:50
KaneCold 19/09/17 13:06
want to vote for this! I want! :( why ... why is this page so cruel and limits me? +Like