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Grid Structural Integrity
A pass on mimicing structural integrity would add a lot to the design challenge of vessels, as well as positively impacting the feel and aesthetics of gameplay. Could be implemented however the devs feel would be less proccessor intensive, but my thought would be: Use the mass ratings, health, and cluster density of blocks compared to the rest of the grid to determine weak points and apply damage to these weakpoints when torque or force, beyond a set safety threshold, is applied to only one portion of the grid. This should give us the effect of poorly supported areas collapsing or snapping under the strain.

Memige shared this idea 20/09/17 11:57
amrylin1337 21/09/17 08:11
This sounds like more trouble than it's worth. You can already explode your own ship from having your gyros too strong and turning sharply....More math for this game equals poorer performance, fewer use cases for certain designs and probably lower build variety.
Tsanoc 28/09/17 04:08
It's a simple enough concept with a large impact on gameplay; in the same way as the atmospheric drag mods. They already have it in Medieval Engineers where it works well enough and even Minecraft had support requirements, let alone the dozens of other survival games in the interim. Granted there are performance considerations as with almost any design element but for a game with engineers in the title I find this to be rather relevant and well worth the effort.