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Gravity Generator able to make both kinds of gravity
giving the option to toggle between artificial gravity (only effecting mass blocks and players) simulated natural gravity (players, grids, item entities, not effecting artificial mass) maybe and option for both? would allow us to push grids without collision, collect floating scrap that would otherwise become lag then be deleted etc should serve as a decent performance enhancement as well as a feature.

FlassMaximus shared this idea 04/01/18 06:42
HighGround 13/01/18 19:46
PvP perspective here. Having a block that can generate a Natural Gravity Field over a large area say 5,000 meters would render Jump Drives useless in combat. This is a feature I highly recommend adding to the game. Have a Natural Gravity Generator 3x3 that generates a low level natural gravity over a wide area. This makes combat jumping more of a challenge. I've been in several fights where Jump Drives have saved my ass or have allowed my opponent to escape to fight another day. Adding a Natural Gravity Generator to the game would add tactics to the game.
FlassMaximus 13/01/18 22:45
@HighGround; do you mean to use the grav-gen as a kind of "Heavy Interdictor Bubble" like from eve online? everyone within effect range cannot use a jump drive? that would be VERY cool could even set traps that interdict ships :D