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Grass growing everywhere (except where it is suppose to be) and spawns in a square pattern
These bugs was introduced around December 2016. So as the title says, grass spawn places it shouldn't spawn and it also spawn in ugly squares. Here is a little album showing the bugs if you do not know what i am talking about: i love grass and they make planets look 1000 times better and they are important when testing out modded planets (Eg, doctor octoganapuses planets)

NorthyPark shared this idea 25/08/17 21:25
NorthyPark 25/08/17 21:26
RIP, can't edit the post so can't fix a few spelling errors :P
jandraelune 05/09/17 23:10
Grass poke's through blocks ><
Jerrry 05/10/17 15:25
Grass is fixed. Major update 184.