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Graphical User Interface for the programmable block
As the title states, create a Graphical User Interface for the programmable block. Reasons: 1. I'm playing a sandbox space engineer game, I want to make the thing work, and have fun doing it without a huge learning curve. I don't want to learn a programming language just to enjoy all the features of my game. 2. Unfair gameplay. The systems developed by real-life programmers in the programmable block C# enable abilities that other players don't have access to. 3. Having a player sit there at an Xbox one controller and flip through text in order to program something seems like an awful waste of time. 4. The learning curve gives the feel that this is literally a game built by computer programmers, for computer programmers. You alienate the majority of your customer base from a powerful feature based on ideology rather than playability.

saxmo shared this idea 18/03/18 14:01