Space Engineers Feedback

Grabbing and rewelding loose blocks.
Allow players to grab onto certain blocks and use our jetpacks to maneuver the block into a place where we can weld and reattach the block. and also allow us to do this with ships that have a welder attached. Example: Say a small or medium cargo container is just floating in space, we jetpack up to it and click some hotkey to grab the cargo container, than at a reduced speed allow us to move it. once it's close enough to a block the game would allow us to weld the block onto it. This would add so much more physicality to the player's ability to repair and fix broken off blocks, and how cargo containers could be used. It would also be awesome to unattach/ jettison blocks. This would make Cargo transportation a lot more interesting, like dropping Cargo containers by asteroids, they could place them close to where they work, then fill them up and reattach them to a ship. Other benefits to this would be that pirates could actually demand you jettison your cargo, and the whole idea of being able to physical interact with blocks really adds to the player's immersion. Obviously this would only work as long as the total weight doesn't go higher than a certain amount, like if a large cargo container is empty you can move it easily, but fill it to max and it's not going anywhere without the aid of a ship. I also think this would reduce the need for 3x/10x inventory options (which is pretty much cheating in my opinion) since you could just jetpack a few cargo containers to where you need them, and can be moved into places a ship can't get to like long tunnels players have mined.

Kregoth shared this idea 25/09/17 00:50