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Give coders extra lines to code
Not sure if I should add it to feature or issue, it is just sad when amazing moders stop developing their scripts because they run out of space. For those that don't know there are actual scripts for the programmable block that have reached their final stage in the workshop due to there being no space for any improvement even tho they might know or have thought of things that can be added, it's just a number keen can turn from X to 2 times X and then potentially some mods can become 2 times more complex or in my eyes better.. I am not a programmer but I have read that more lines doesn't even necessarily translate to more lag, with more lines they could make it more efficient.

Different shared this idea 18/08/17 00:06
pingger 18/08/17 12:29
I agree, the character limit also makes code extremely ugly, which then might cause issues to arise, since the code is so ugly, that it is unreadable. I mean, yeah, we can do things like MinJS for JavaScript, but that isn't really a solution. If the reasoning behind this is, that it causes to much lag when changing the script on multiplayer (since it needs to be transmitted), you can start with zipping the text, then you could transmit the code over a longer time frame and add a progress bad on how much has been transferred, then only allow recompiling after everything is transferred. (Auto-)Saving would cause the script to be fully transmitted to the server (not to the clients), so the server can save the game in a consistent state. And lag caused by large scripts during execution can't be the issue, since I once wrote a small script with less than 1000 characters, that would bust any server. Which would just make some calculation intensive task over and over until the max instruction count was reached, and with a timer block I would run this every game tick, this lead to an increase of about 20-50ms per tick/per programmable Block, which makes to ups go down to snake speed ... Greetings
Vrmithrax 18/08/17 19:41
My issue with the coding character limitation isn't just functionality... Good coders implement basic documentation in their code to help others decipher what is happening and why. And newcomers to coding can learn a lot by going through documented code. If the scripts have to be super compact and hard to read for even experienced programmers, imagine how daunting that can be for new players trying to get into scripting initially.
Krienas 21/08/17 14:12
Voting up because of reasons described in comments.
jwturp 28/08/17 08:06
As a new coder, I wholeheartedly agree with Vrmithrax's comment. I have personally learned a great deal simply from reading the comments before each section of code that I have downloaded for the game. Without such comments, I'd be looking at at least a 2x length for how long it would have taken me to figure things out.
Syncaidius1 18/09/17 15:35
I agree. Personally I think instead of just increasing the code limit, they improve the in-game code editor to allow for multiple source tabs/files (say, a max of 10 files or tabs in-game) so we can organize our code better. I know there are tools to squash a bunch of source files into a single file but that ends up making it near-impossible to read in-game. As far as I'm aware they use Roslyn C# compiler for in-game scripting, which makes it extremely easy to pass in multiple code files or strings to the compiler, so most of the work to implement the above would be with the UI itself and of course adjustments to any pre-processing they do to code before compilation.
AutoMcD 24/10/17 16:15
I think it should not count comments and white space towards the limit. This would resolve he copy/paste issue, and also not make you choose between functionality vs making it readable.
mikrogen 30/03/18 13:06
1. Not an issue, this is feature request. 2. If we increase lines available it will have impact on performance/loading time.