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Gender agnostic/neutral character model
Not only have a Male and Female character - but add a Gender Neutral character model too. Eg. 1: Have the Male Model with the beard - and obviously masculine physique. 2: Have a gender agnostic/neutral model with no beard and no specifically male or female facial characteristics; and a fairly plain physique that cannot be identified as specifically male or female - think android, tall teenager or robot. 3: And As Phoenix84 suggested, Have a Female Model with recognisably female characteristics and general physique. 4: Optionally have a "build" slider that can increase or decrease the apparent visual physical weight and girth of the player model. This allows for reasonable equality for all players and political correct perceptions of body image. Those playing specifically as a male can use the male model, those specifically playing as a female can use the female model, and those wanting privacy with reguard to their gender identification can use the "neutral" model which doesnt reveal anything either way.

xphoenixxx shared this idea 02/08/17 02:46
Needye 17/08/17 20:28
So basically body engineer customization?
Hunterakagman 18/08/17 21:16
Hmm. Hopefully you will understand, but are you sure this isn't political?
megapro 19/08/17 14:17
In most games you play a fixed character that just happens to be either female or male and I don't see a problem with that or a proper reason why SE should not do that. The player is not revealing anything since the game character is not a representation of himself but a random space engineer in the year 2077. This is like asking for a male Lara Croft in Tomb Raider it's unneccessary and doesn't add anything to the game. On a side note: In a space suit it's impossible to see a difference between male or female other than the face and only when the visor is open.
StrangeCalibur 22/08/17 11:58
I find it offensive that you assume that men and women have "characteristics". Who are we do put people into boxes such as male and female? It's ideas like this that have held humanity back for so long!
DrThunder7 10/10/17 02:03
So lets go down the list: 1. Have that already 2. OH BOY....Girl.....neutral....Attack Helicopter. What ever you want! If they add a gender neutral character I would take offense cause. There is no gender, we can be want ever we want...... 3. Sure 4. Political correct? Last I checked this was a game. I'm pretty sure that is the last thing people think of when playing a GAME!
Hunterakagman 10/10/17 06:56
There is a reason why I ask such a question. In today's political mindsets, there are people who ask for things for "diversity" but don't actually take part in the thing in question. For example, when GTA 5 was taken off Target's shelves, the feminists that advocated for the action never played games, and if they did, they do as well as polygon in doom and Dean in cuphead. Some people certainly wouldn't, but there are others that are deeply affected by identity politics. Which is why walking simulators are a thing. It's gotten so bad that a black guy as a main character can bring up questions whether or not the idea was political. Assassin's Creed Origins is a rather recent example.