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gas giants and sun's
Would it not be nice to have hot fiery balls that shine light upon the planets and gas giants that also are bright or not. It would be fun to have giant gas giants which are basically just layers of atmosphere with a thick fog serounding you when you fly into them and the futher you go down the more dangerious it becomes until you just disappear. That said it should not be considered to fly into them anyway. they would not even have voxels I imagine So it could be easy enough to add them in. about the sun/star that does not need voxels aswell just some good atmosphere. and some solar flares coming out of the sun/star so now and then. Right now I would think these things would be totally astetic and just a little bit interactive, but in the future it would maybe be usefull to go to gas giants to scoop up gasses and saperate them in a gas refinery or for the sun/star to collect hydrogen to refeul your ship. which could be usefull in the future when producing energy from hydrogen.

antokamire shared this idea 22/08/17 13:53