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Fusion Power
SE is set in the year 2077. We can make artificial gravity but we can't make fusion? Tje only use of hydrogen right now is in Hydrogen Thrusters but it would be very cool and useful to have an end-game power source like fusion. It should be very expensive to build but very cheap to run. In order to make it more feasible regular Reactors would have to be nerfed.

komekjr shared this idea 15/09/17 15:17
sputnikhead72 19/09/17 20:16
YES. I'd also like to see reactors require a power input in order to run; "real" fusion power requires power to generate *more* power, and so do nuclear reactors. That would make batteries and solar power more valuable: if your reactor turns off or breaks or you build a new one, you'd need an initial power input to get it going, and maybe batteries to keep it running. I like the mod that allows you to refine deuterium from ice; that would be an interesting mechanic, and would add to the complexity and difficulty; though I'm fine with simple proton-proton fusion converting H2 directly to power.